Mt Vernon – Lucy

Mt Vernon – Lucy

We are just back from a pretty great weekend. Lucy won the needed final point at the Mt Vernon dog show on Saturday with Dixie showing her. So, now pending the update on the AKC, Lucy is a Champion. It was pretty funny, as somehow I entered Lucy as a dog. Dixie was able to get that corrected in short order. Then, after performing the sex change on the little girl, she went and had them also reclassify her into Best of Breed. On Sunday she took on the King, her daddy Pilot under best of breed. Pilot took the title, but Lucy took away her first point towards being a Grand Champion. A huge, huge thank you to Mandy for all her showing, grooming and training (both us and Lucy). Also to Jeri for letting us have this wonderful girl and to Dixie for getting that last cursed point.


Sunday – Pilot and Lucy

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  1. You mean that you really did try to curse her by entering her as a boy!! Glad that Dixie was able to fix it.

    Did you enter online? The info for each dog is saved once they’re entered. If so, you’ll need to fix it at

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