Happy Birthday Baseball Litter

Happy Birthday Baseball Litter

Yes that’s right, the Lucy x Chapel litter turned a year old today. Where has the year gone? From all of the reports, they are all happy, energetic and smart. Like their parents 🙂

Cruz definitely takes after both of his parents. He is always happy, smart, willful and is just a sweet, goofy boy.

Mae (Sandy)
We will have a picture of Mae when one becomes available.

Digby (Gar)
Digby gets to go to school with his dad. The rumor is that the kids have birthday cards and a party planned for his birthday.

Indi (Bindi)
Indi is a bundle of energy and fiercely independent, except when she wants snuggles. Sounds like her mom….

Scout (Felix)
We will have a picture of Scout once one becomes available

Poppy (Babe)
Poppy is happy and healthy and full of herself for sure!

Fergus (Junior)
Fergus is a bundle of energy and loves everyone he meets.

Whiskey (Bitsy)
This is a picture of whiskey with all of her birthday presents and pumpkin birthday cake.

Stella (Cammy)
She is like a sweet, snuggly tornado! She loves to go for walks and snuggle up by the fire with her favorite humans.

Thank you all for sending us the pictures and for providing such wonderful homes and making them a part of your families!

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