Ears and Pullman

Ears and Pullman

We’re sorry about not posting lately. It has been really crazy here, plus I came back from Pullman with a cold…

Bullet and Aspen have ears! Aspen has had one ear up for the last few days and today her other one is starting to come up too. Right now Bullet just has the one up. Here is Aspen. Normally they are standing up, but she decided she didn’t want to for picture taking…

The puppies took their first really long road trip and went to see Denise in Pullman. Thanks so much to Denise for letting us all invade her home and for going over the puppies. We will be packing up all the puppies again this weekend and heading for Portland for the dog show at Ridgefield and the puppy party at Megan’s. Here are some pictures from this weekend. The angle isn’t the best but here they are…..





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