Four Months Old

Four Months Old

On Friday the Franny x Tristan puppies turned 4 months old. It doesn’t seem possible, I guess time really does fly.

Faith, she is such a smart, sweet, mischievous little girl,

Finnegan aka Ringo. He loves playing with his new siblings and still likes to “sing”.

Joni aka Carrie. This is a picture of her and her new brother Jack from a few weeks ago. I should be getting more pictures today and I will post them when I get them.

Pip aka Phillip. He is a very loving, eager to please, laid back, but loves to play.

Simon aka Tyler. He just graduated from puppy kindergarten. The second picture is from yesterday when he got to meet his cousin Whiskey from our Lucy x Chapel litter.

Riker aka Jagger. He is very much loved and likes to be Kyria’s foot warmer when she works.

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