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8 Weeks Old

8 Weeks Old

We had the puppy evaluation on Sunday and it pretty much went as we expected. The puppies all had a lot of fun meeting everyone and playing/chasing their new friend cousin Mae. We would like to say a big thank you to Mandy, Denise and Louise for all of their input and a huge thank you to Mandy for letting us invade her home. The pictures did not turn out as well as we hoped… Keith took them. Enough said.

Carrie, who made a new best friend with Gary.

Faith, who we will be keeping.





Momma Franny

Momma Franny

Franny has been the best mom that I could ever ask for. I thought that no one could top her mom Clementine, but Franny is equal to her mom. The puppies are weaned now, but she still wants and loves to be with them. She is so patient with them and loves teaching her kids new things. Here are some pictures of her with her puppies.

Franny & Carrie

Franny & Tyler

Franny, Jagger & Ringo

Franny & Faith

Franny, Faith & Carrie

Franny & Carrie

Franny, Tyler & Phillip