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Fun In the Snow

Fun In the Snow

It seems that the puppies like to play in fresh snow just as much as the big dogs. Today, I just have pictures of the boys again. I will try to get some of the girls in the next couple of days.

Cruz and Gar
Cruz and Gar 2-4-2016

Clem, Cruz and Gar. All of the puppies love to play with Auntie Clem.
Clem, Cruz & Gar

Cruz and Clem
Cruz and Clem 2-4-2016

Clem and Junior
Clem and Junior

Felix and Junior say eating snow is good too.
Felix and Jr 2-14-2016

The Boys Hit the Town

The Boys Hit the Town

We don’t have individual pictures this week. It has been a very busy weekend for us and the pups. Yesterday all nine of them had baths. Today we took the boys into town to the local farm and ranch store. They received lots of
attention and socialization. Here are some pictures of the event.

Cruz 1-31-16

Felix 1-31-16

Gar 1-31-16

Junior 1-31-16

Next week there should be lots of pictures of the puppies from the puppy party/evaluation.