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Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday!

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I was in the car going home after Franny had her C-section and was listening to the vocalist sing. This litter was definitely the highlight of our year. We are so very proud of each and every one of the puppies. Thank you so much to their humans for providing such wonderful homes!

Faith is such a sweetheart yet such a mischievous girl. We think she is cuter than cute and love her to pieces. We are hoping to have her in the show ring this coming year.

Faith as a puppy

Faith as a 1 year old

Faith with Mandy. Thank you Mandy!

Finnegan’s (fka Ringo) mom had this to say about him: “He is an active boy and he and Loki are best Pals. He has chosen to be my hubby’s shadow. We adore him.”

Finnegan as a puppy.

Finnegan as a 1 year old

Finnegan with Loki

Joni (fka Carrie) as a puppy. We do not have a current picture of her.

Pip (fka Phillip) stole my heart from the from the beginning. He had colic really bad and I would give him baby gasx and put him on my shoulder and rub his back. Even now, when he is unsure or wants comfort he wants to go to my shoulder although he is too big for that now. He is a very sweet, smart and energetic boy. This last weekend in Coeur d’Alene he was reserve to a major and we are hoping to have him in the ring more this year.

Pip as a puppy.

Pip as a 1 year old. Thank you Mandy for your help with the pictures!

Riker’s (fka Jagger) mom had this to say about him: “he is such a curious but sensitive guy. He is so friendly with other dogs and wants nothing more than have someone to play with anywhere we go. In fact he loves dogs so much he’d gladly follow any of them home if he could hahaha.”

Riker as a puppy

Riker as a 1 year old

Simon’s (fka Tyler) mom had this to say:”Simon is doing well, and changing every month, as growing puppies do. (I’m missing him so much while I’m out of town)! He plays with toys well by himself better than ever (when he came to us, he wasn’t quite sure what joy toys could bring him that sniffing in the yard could not!). He’s very into sticks on walks, and will collect as many sticks as his mouth will allow. He’s very snuggly when the temperature is acceptable, and then goes to lie on the bathroom tile (when it’s too warm we make an effort to keep the house cool, of course!). He loves other dogs and most people. Simon is so wonderful, and we’re so happy to have him in our lives. Thank you for the best pup for us!”

Simon as a puppy

Simon as a 1 year old

Thanks again to all of you that have provided such wonderful homes!

Puppy Update

Puppy Update

The puppies are all doing great. They all have hit the pound plus mark and are very strong puppies. They motor around the whelping box and climb over Franny and each other. Franny is a fantastic mom and any little squeak gets her attention. Here are some puppy pictures.

Tyler on top of Faith with Ringo above him and Tyler and Phillip below.

Carrie in a milk coma

Top to bottom are Carrie, Ringo and Faith


The Boys Hit the Town

The Boys Hit the Town

We don’t have individual pictures this week. It has been a very busy weekend for us and the pups. Yesterday all nine of them had baths. Today we took the boys into town to the local farm and ranch store. They received lots of
attention and socialization. Here are some pictures of the event.

Cruz 1-31-16

Felix 1-31-16

Gar 1-31-16

Junior 1-31-16

Next week there should be lots of pictures of the puppies from the puppy party/evaluation.

One Year Old

One Year Old

It seems like just yesterday that the puppies were entering the world, but wow, have they grown into beautiful dogs! We would like to say a big thank you to those of you that have provided these puppies with such great homes. We could not be any prouder of all of them.

Here are some pictures of them as puppies and how they look today.

Flora(Elsie) u"006

013 Franny021 Franny

10-20-12 01 Gabby

10-20-12 01

010 Callie

10-10-12 01

Kyle face 11-10-12Timberside 091113